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This web site aims to make Internet surfers discover Malaysia through lots of pictures.
You will find here many photographies of Malaysia, several of Singapore and of the South of Thailand, also a forum of discussion useful to future travellers.

Last update of the web site : March 13th, 2004
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News of the site :
Following my 3 weeks trip between July and August 2003, you will find new photos of Pulau Perhentian, submarine life, Singapore and the South of Thailand with so wonderful landscapes.
You can now leave your own pictures on the site thanks to 'Your photos' page available from the left menu.

   I made a trip to malaysia in august 1999 that lasted 17 days. I took a lot of picturesand bought several postcards too. I reckon that this country is beautiful enough for me to expose this little web site, in order to make you feel like travelling there.

You will be able to notice that Malaysia is a country where extreme-oriental cultures and societies are mixed quite well. Mlaysia is in fact composed of a malay culture, but also a chinese one, and even an Indian culture.

I propose you to discover this country right now!

The most pleasurable pictures are available in bigger size by clicking on the picture. So take your time to watch them and enjoy them...
First, let's see the map of Malaysia :

The thrid version of this site was created at the end of August 2003.

Previous address of the site were : or and

Technic : all photos were taken with Canon EOS 50 camera (not digital), equiped with two zooms Canon 24-85mm (3.5-4.5) and 75-300mm (4.5-5.6). The papers prints were then scanned at 300dpi (for big formats) and processed with Photoshop. has a non commercial goal, and I am not looking to earn money with it, but just share ma passion for tavels. The few advertisements are here only to pay the web site fees. Some from Google could also be useful to find accomodation.

Legal Information:

Copyright Julien Deschamps, 1999-2007

All the pictures on this web site are protected by the laws of intellectual property, yet I afford all non-commercial use , for personal use. In the contrary, please contact me.


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