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R: Ecoles islamiques de Penchak (Indonesie) ou Silat (Malaisie) [de Michel le 26/08/2010 11:42, contacter par email ]
Desolé pour l'anglai mais on n'a pas exactement les mêmes sources.
"Since the Islamisation movement of the 1980s and 90s, there have been attempts to make silat more compliant with Islamic principles. It is now illegal for Muslim practitioners in Malaysia to chant mantera, bow to idols, practice traditional meditation, or attempt to acquire supernatural powers. This has given rise to various misconceptions that silat is inherently Muslim or can only be practiced by followers of the Islamic faith. In actuality silat has existed long before Islam was introduced to Southeast Asia and is still practiced by non-Muslims. The Hindu-Buddhist and animistic roots of the art were never eradicated, and remain very evident even among Muslim practitioners of traditional styles. Balinese exponents often argue that the newer and more "Islamised" forms are less authentic and less useful in real combat. Some of these old methods have been lost after silat masters in pre-dominantly Muslim areas could no longer teach them, but others still endure among conservative training schools in Indonesia and Thailand."


     R: Ecoles islamiques de Penchak (Indonesie) ou Silat (Malaisie) [de penchak83 le 26/08/2010 14:48 ]
          R: Ecoles islamiques de Penchak (Indonesie) ou Silat (Malaisie) [de Michel le 26/08/2010 15:26 ]
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